PhD in Data Analysis (Data Science)


Title: Doctorado en Análisis de Datos(Data Science)
Responsible centre: Facultad de Estudios Estadísticos
ISCED area code: 0542 Estadística/Statistics
Teaching center: Facultad de Estudios Estadísticos
Implementation course: 2015-2016
Type of learning: Face-to-face
Teaching languages: Spanish / English
Available places: 12 (8 full time, 4 part-time)
Coordinador: Carlos Gregorio Rodríguez
Academic commission: Commission members

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This PhD program in Data Analysis (Data Science) focuses on the treatment of the large volume of information existing in the world on the most diverse areas: social networks, commercial and financial transactions, observable Internet consultations and navigation, information contained in clinical patient databases, climate observations, research into the cosmos from satellites and observatories, and a long list of other areas.

The set of disciplines and knowledge necessary for the treatment of the information is traditionally known as Data Analysis, which has been evolving to treat the Big Data, and requires the development of new techniques, methodologies and tools. This is one of the most prominent areas of research today. Everything generates data around us and one of the big challenges is how to transport, extract, organize and analyze those large volumes of information. Many agents (public or private institutions, companies and individuals) have data that is not used at all. Data is, so to speak, a raw material, the oil of the 21st century, from which valuable information can (or cannot) be obtained. Developing the necessary capacities for data processing requires, nowadays, solid knowledge in statistics, computer science, analysis and mathematics, giving rise to a new profile of researcher and professional called "data scientist". This is one of the most demanded professional and research profiles in our society nowadays. In the doctoral program "Data Analysis (Data Science)" of the Faculty of Statistical Studies, you will be able to obtain the highest academic degree as a data scientist, within the framework of a broad interdisciplinary character whose common denominator is research in some of the phases involved in the efficient processing of information, understood in a broad sense (texts, images, spatial-temporal data, etc.).

On this website you will find a detailed description of the possibilities offered by our doctoral programme. Our Faculty is part of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (UCM), which unifies the information common to all doctoral programs of the UCM in the following URL: Here you will find information on deadlines, admission applications, necessary documentation, etc., which apply to our doctoral program. The UCM has obtained the distinction "HR Excellence in Research" (known as HRS4R), granted by the European Commission.

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And if you still have more questions, you can write an email to (Carlos Gregorio Rodríguez, Coordinator of the Doctoral Program) or to (Ramón Alberto Carrasco González, Vice-Dean of Graduate Studies, Research and International Relations of the Faculty of Statistical Studies).